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Hi MYself, thank you for choosing ShoutWiki to make your wiki.

We would suggest that you start your wiki off by doing these few basic things:

  • Upload a logo. You can do this by uploading an image over File:Wiki.png. (not available on some skins)
  • Design your Main Page. The main page is likely the first thing users will see. It should be attractive and catch the eye.
  • Start building content. All wikis need content to become the best they can be.

If you need help with making a logo, skin or favicon, please see ShoutWiki's Logo Creation Wiki.

If you need any help with building your wiki, feel free to contact ShoutWiki staff either via their talk pages or via Special:Contact. Alternatively, you can talk to us, or other users, via IRC.

Thank you again for using ShoutWiki.

ShoutWiki staff 23:07, 13 November 2013

why do you love proprietary software so much?[edit]

what's the point of using trisquel if you gonna install proprietary shit on it???

Read here. Please, stop removing content from the pages. Thank you. --MYself (talk) 14:34, 6 January 2014 (UTC)
Since you say you know there are freedom issues, wouldn't it be best not to recommend it at this time? I realize this is how the situation now stands as you didn't revert my edit where I removed JDownloader, thank you. I'm afraid I don't either have the time to do more research or solve issues right now. Hopefully they would fix it themselves in the meanwhile. Since my IP is dynamic, I think it would make sense to have this discussion on this page.
Not recommending free software is not a solution. The solution is to not recommend non-free software (in this case a part of the software in question). I does not reverted your edits just because I was away (fixed by now). If you do not have the time to help, then why do you relentlessly removing contents from the pages? I don't think so (the authors of JDownloader stated that they're going to move to a license which does not forbid reusing parts of their codebase in different non-GPL projects). It's okay to discuss this issue here, but for the next time, please do it on the relevant page, calmly, without using harsh and offensive material. And please stop removing contents from a discussion, it's disrespectful. --MYself (talk) 13:56, 8 January 2014 (UTC)
So why do you recommend non-free software? The authors seem clueless as they state that they want jd to be both 1) open source and 2) non-commercial, those are mutually exclusive. It's hard to remain calm when you don't listen to reason.
Please use the "Your signature with timestamp" function when you're replying to a message. This way, it's easier to identify the time of a reply and person, who you're talking to. To your message:
1. I'm not recommending non-free software. In this case, JDownloader may contain certain parts, that may not comply with its license, but I doesn't know about any of them (except one, that I already solved; see Software (edge)#JDownloader). If you have some closer information about the subject, please let me know, and I will see if I can do anything about it. Until then, you'll have to way until I will take the time to work on it.
2. What they want and what they do are two different things, and until they make its software proprietary, it'll remain free software.
3. You will not achieve anything by vandalization, and vulgarism, except that you'll get banned from the site. It's only by my good will that you still get response from me, and I can easily use more drastic methods to get rid of you, than just blocking you by IP address. But since one of my goal is transparency about the information I provide, I doesn't want to avoid these discussions, since they need to be resolved, but you should understand, that there is a need for a effort on both of sides, not just mine. Therefore, if you want to solve this issue, then go and do something about it. If you need some help, you can always get it at Talk:Software (edge) (at least until the forums does not get implemented). --MYself (talk) 19:53, 11 January 2014 (UTC)