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Main: Software Setup

Brány Skeldalu (Gates of Skeldal)[edit]

1. Download pre-built binaries from here, or compile them yourself using these instructions

2. Download the freeware version of the game. Use Wine or PlayOnLinux to extract the following data files/folders using the installer:


Then convert all the folder names to uppercase, otherwise the program will not be able to find them, and the game will not start.

Alternatively, you can extract these from the Game4U version (this does not require installation), where the files can be copied directly either by mounting the image (use this Nautilus script), or extracted using an archive manager, like File Roller (requires p7zip-full package to be installed first).

3. Download flute.zip and extract its contents to the game folder

4. Execute the following command inside the folder bearing the data files to convert the music tracks to a file format the game understand (install vorbis-tools package beforehand):

for I in MUSIC/*.MUS;do tools/demus $I|oggenc `tools/musinfo -o $I` - -o ${I/%.MUS/.ogg};done

Now you can remove all the .MUS files, which are no longer needed:

rm -f MUSIC/*.MUS

5. Once you have all the necessary files in place, you can either put them into /usr/local/share/skeldal (the default path where the application expect them), or create a symlink for the current directory by running the following command from inside the game folder:

sudo ln -s `pwd` /usr/local/share/skeldal

6. Before you start playing, you probably want to download the English version (remember that this translation was only partially finished, and it may contain bugs). Once the archive is downloaded, extract its contents to the game folder, then

a) Rename adv, adv/English, and popisy.txt to uppercase with
rename y/a-z/A-Z/ adv ADV/English popisy.txt
b) Move POPISY.TXT to ADV/ENGLISH, and add the following line to Skeldal - English Version.adv:
CESTA_DATA adv\English\
c) At last, create a symlink for SKELDAL.DDL, TITULKY.ENC, and ENDTEXT.ENC into ADV/ENGLISH with

7. Now you can try to run the game with

./skeldal "Skeldal - English Version.adv"

(for the original Czech version just double-click on skeldal)

  • You can optionally create a menu launcher
  • Already finished the game and want more? You can download and play user created content from here (not tested).
  • If you liked the soundtrack of the game, you can extract it in lossless format using the following command (install flac package, and make sure the .MUS files are in MUSIC folder):
for I in MUSIC/*.MUS;do tools/demus $I|flac --endian=little --sign=signed --channels=2 --bps=16 --sample-rate=22050 --best - -o ${I/%.MUS/.flac};done


Mail applet[edit]


Right-click on Mail (Envelope icon), go to Mail → Edit, then select the Configuration tab, and in Add a mail account choose IMAP and enter an account name (this will be used as a tab name), then click on Add. Now fill in the columns with the following data, and finally click on Apply and Close:

Server address: imap.openmailbox.org
Username: YOUR_USERNAME@openmailbox.org
Refresh time: 1 (optional - recommended)
Specific mail application: geary (optional - recommended)
Port: 993
Use a secure connection (SSL): Yes


See #Gmail 2.



Note: Despite being set up correctly, the application is unable to send emails (only recieve them)

Enter these details in the following order during the first start, then click on Add:

Email address: YOUR_USERNAME@openmailbox.org (or …@opmbx.org but make sure that the IMAP and SMTP Username does include the full …@openmailbox.org alias, otherwise the registration will fail)
Service: Other
IMAP settings → Server: imap.openmailbox.org
SMTP settings → Server: smtp.openmailbox.org

You can also change the Name and later Nickname (amongst other settings) through Gear icon → Accounts (Ctrl+M) → Edit account (Pencil icon).

If you are already using a different account, go to Gear icon → Accounts (Ctrl+M) → Add account (Plus icon), then set Nickname to Default (or whatever else you want) and follow the same procedure as described above.

Using any text in Email address column is allowed. (it will appear above the folder list)


In case you have enabled 2-Step Verification, you will need to enter one of the ten automatically generated passwords consisting of 16 random downcase alphabetical characters instead of your actual login password.

Using a …@gmail.com alias in Username/Email address is optional.


1. Close the Sign in window, then select File →‎ Add new account…

2. From the Network list select XMPP, then choose Create a new XMPP account

3. Fill in the empty fields (i.e. XMPP username, Password, and Confirm password), then click on Add

4. Now you're registered and ready to make calls

Alternatively, you can also register directly at http://jit.si/

Popcorn Time[edit]

Since version 0.3.0 beta, the application depends on a newer version of the udev library, which will be available starting Trisquel 7.0. To workaround this issue, execute the following command from Terminal:

sudo ln -s libudev.so.0.13.0 /lib/`uname -i`-linux-gnu/libudev.so.1

This will create a symlink to an older version of the library already included in the system. To revert this, use

sudo rm /lib/`uname -i`-linux-gnu/libudev.so.1

Speed Dreams[edit]

  • To setup in-game controls (the default one sucks), click on Configure Player, then the icon with four arrows (the last one)
  • If the textures are missing, either disable Texture compression (following Options → OpenGL), or enable S3TC (AMD ATI graphic cards only)
  • If you encounter blinking screen within the game menu (when moving the mouse cursor), disabling Full-screen (+slightly reducing resolution to fit the desktop) will resolve this
  • Keys definition can be accessed in-game, or from menu, by pressing [F1]